Cambridge MA Personal Injury Lawyers | Kiley Law Group (2024)

Kiley Law Group is a reputable personal injury law firm with more than 40 years of experience serving residents in Cambridge MA.

After more than 40 years serving the residents in and around Cambridge MA, Thomas M. Kiley and Kiley Law Group are extremely familiar with providing quality and affordable personal injury law services in the New England area. Kiley Law Group remains dedicated in their commitment to continue protecting and representing the residents of Cambridge MA who have suffered from personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. The representatives at Kiley Law Group pride themselves upon the role they play serving their local Cambridge community, but their services aren’t limited to this area. Kiley Law also enjoys providing the same quality service to other localities throughout the entire state of Massachusetts.

A person who falls victim to an injury or accident is often caught with their guard down when it comes to scrupulous insurance companies who only have their own best interest in mind. A victim of an injury could be too injured or weak to properly understand their own rights following a traumatic injury, and they can be rushed into taking settlements that are far below what they truly deserve. That’s why it’s worthwhile to take a moment to consult an attorney during those difficult times following an injury. Having competent, professional legal representation helps alleviate the burden and stress, and Kiley Law Group and their experienced attorneys have more than 40 years of practice ensuring their clients are fully compensated and made financially whole following a traumatic, costly injury. With over $500 million won for their clients thus far, Kiley Law Group would love to help you and your family or friends in the Cambridge MA area with any of the following cases, and more:

  • Cambridge MA Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Cambridge MA Construction Injury Lawyer
  • Cambridge MA Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
  • Cambridge MA Bicycle Accident Lawyer
  • Cambridge MA Wrongful Death Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

As a longstanding Cambridge MA Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Thomas M. Kiley has handled a large quantity of medical malpractice cases over the last four decades. Kiley Law Group understands the challenging complexities faced by medical malpractice victims and their family members. The firm can understand and appreciate how important it is to not only ensure victims of medical malpractice are fairly compensated and not taken advantage of, but to also demand justice for their clients who have been injured and in some cases permanently disfigured by medical malpractice. Thomas M. Kiley has the experience necessary to assist and advocate for the victims of medical negligence, fighting on their behalf to fully restore their lives and help them recover financially. For medical malpractice, surgical malpractice, pediatric malpractice, or any other malpractice case, please reach out to Kiley Law Group today for a free, no obligation consultation at (888) 516-3740.

Construction Injury Lawyer

If you’re injured on a construction site, it’s highly advisable to speak to a Cambridge MA Construction Injury Lawyer right away. Construction sites are often plagued with potential hazards and dangerous situations. Construction companies can be held liable for that type of negligence. Finding experienced legal counsel to help you navigate through the complicated process is important because without legal representation, you are in a position of weakness and ignorance. Injuries sustained on construction sites can be substantial given the nature of the construction business, and they can eventually lead to chronic injuries that can last months and even years. Kiley Law Group recognizes how hazardous construction sites can be, from operating and working near heavy machinery to being around toxic chemicals, to potentially coming into contact with live electrical wiring, it’s no wonder why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory agencies exist. These agencies protect workers and provide for them if they suffer an injury or accident on the work site. The Cambridge MA attorneys at Kiley Law Group have helped several construction accident victims and their families pursue fair compensation for their injuries through workers’ compensation claims and, when applicable, lawsuits.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

If a dog seriously hurts someone, the owner of the animal could be held liable, and hiring the right Cambridge MA Dog Bite Injury Lawyer is crucial. Oftentimes, the animal’s owner could be held financially responsible for the past and future medical expenses of the victim, pain and suffering, and other possible losses or issues resulting from the dog bite. In the state of Massachusetts, dog owners are liable if their dog bites someone, unless the victim of the attack was criminally trespassing or provoking the dog. At Kiley Law Group, we’ve witnessed the devastating impact such a painful and traumatic event can have on the dog bite victim and their family firsthand. We have a focused team of client-oriented attorneys who specialize in personal injury law and dog bite litigation, and we’re here to help with your case. Call for a no-cost consultation today at (888) 516-3740.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Thomas M. Kiley is a leading Cambridge MA Bicycle Accident Lawyer, and has represented many bicycle accident victims over the years. Similar to motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents can also be extremely dangerous for riders, as they’re less protected than those traveling in cars. Sustaining a severe bicycle injury can have lasting impact on the victim. If you or a loved one sustained a personal injury from an accident on a bicycle, hiring an experienced attorney is necessary to ensure all your financial interests are met, and you receive the full compensation and justice you and your family deserve. Contact Kiley Law Group for a no-cost consultation today.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

The unexpected loss of a loved one due to someone’s carelessness and negligence can be extremely devastating and heartbreaking. Speaking with a Cambridge MA Wrongful Death Lawyer is a positive step in the right direction. A seasoned lawyer will provide the careful and thorough legal counsel you will need, identifying and explaining your options so that you can make informed and educated decisions about your case. The Massachusetts injury attorneys at Kiley Law Group are dedicated to helping grieving people and their families gain financial peace of mind and comfort after wrongful death. Kiley Law Group wants to ensure that it happens for every one of their clients who are suffering through the loss of a loved one due to wrongful death. If you lost a family member or loved one due to a medical error, reckless driver, defective product, or some other act of negligence, please do not hesitate to call Kiley Law Group at (888) 516-3740 to learn how we can help.

Cambridge MA Personal Injury Lawyers | Kiley Law Group (2024)
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