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Hooters light Support Panty Hose
13% Lycra & 87% Nylon, simi sheer 20 denier  Made in the USA   

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Ascanty Hosiery USA
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Ascanty Hosiery USA
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Hooter Style Support Panty Hose

You can be a Hooter Girl too
5- Sizes & 5-Colors
Size chart Below

5- Sizes and 5-Colors

Light Support for the Woman on the go
or on her feet all day giving energy left over, great for
Waitresses & Clerks or anyone on their feet long hours.
Shiny finish, semi sheer. Small Cotton Crotch.
13% Lycra, 20 denier semi Sheer Shiny Finish.
Feeling Good, you are wearing Hooters.


Feeling soo good in Hooters Shiny Pantyhose(Coffee)


.Hooters Cotton Crotch & Foot Details

When putting on hosiery remove jewelry, 
check fingernails and toenails for rough edges. 
Helpful to wear Hosiery Gloves.

These are the official Hooter Girl brand 'sportsbar' brand Pantyhose and Tights, both 20 & 40 denier can be ordered below
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A947hooter- Light Support 20 denier Panty Hose with 13% Lycra.
For the Woman on the go all day long or or at Play hours on end.
This Pantyhose semi Sheer, has 
incredible Sheen that makes your
legs look HOT!   Now you can be a Hooters Girl too

13% Lycra,   87% Nylon.       Made in the USA  
Simi Sheer
with reinforced small cotton crotch.      
*Colors: Coffee, Skintone, Suntan, Black.
*Sizes: A - B - C - D - Plus/Tall.     $9.95

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B947glossy- Glossy Medium Support 40 denier Tights (Pantyhose).
For the Woman on the go all day long or on her feet hours on end.
Opaque with a Shiny Glossy finish. Small Cotton Crotch.
13% Lycra,   87% Nylon, 40 denier,    Made in the USA 
*Colors: Coffee, Skintone, Suntan, Black. 
*Sizes: A - B - C - D - Plus/Tall.   $12.95


*Remember to select both  "Qty" &  "Size" & "Color"..
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to 120

5'-0" to 5'-3"


to 135

5'-3" to 5'-6"


to 150

5'-6" to 5'-8"


to 165

5'-8" to 5'-11"

Plus / Tall

to 230

to 6'-0" Tall

Depending upon body shape, you may want to order next larger size

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Wz #68

These are the authentic brand 'sportsbar' pantyhose that men simply adore on Women's legs! This footed support pantyhose has an incredible sheen that makes your legs look FANTASTIC! 
Worn by waitresses, cheerleaders who desire "Sheen" or anyone who is active on their feet. More durable than regular pantyhose, these will hide blemishes and will last much longer as well. 
Simi Sheer to waist design, Small Cotton gusset crotch. If you wear Short Shorts, short skirts, the sheer to waist style, this is what you want.
      Perfect for exercising in too! (if you exercise at the Spa, wear a Thong or Panties).  Now you can be a Hooter Girl too.
You will feel like a Hooter Girl too

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